A Gr7 Work In Progress

December 22, 2008

Good morning,

Wow, so nostalgic being back and blogging back at wordpress; it’s been about a year now since i’ve blogged so I guess there’s no better time then now. Firstly I have come to terms that my blog may not be as popular as others… damn you charldawn!! So therefore I won’t be put off and disheartened when I don’t receive a significant number of views and ultimately stop blogging. So I am now writing this blog for myself and maybe another regular reader, and that’s that.

Allow me to catch you up from when I last blogged, (does that even make sense?) well I am now a university student in one of the best Graphic Design school’s that’s ever graced good ol’ London Town, I am a very hard working IKEA employee.. ah-haaa, sorry, co-worker as we’re better know as; I’m still dancing with some of the best that life can offer and furthermore… I’m still with the little lady some of you may know as Charldawn. Well of course that’s not all that happened but I think i’ll leave it for another blog.

There’s a few changes in comparison to my old blog, I’m refraining from resorting to Thesaurus.com to spice up my posts, but it’s only the first legitimate post so i’ll probably go against my word and bastardize and rape it, making it seem I am blessed with more IQ points than your average 18 year old design student.

Ok so you may be a bit confused by the somewhat random blog title and title of the post, allow me to enlighten you. During my hiatus from wordpress I have learned some the basics of Internet lingo, and their sometimes hilarious meanings; this language has now seeped into my everyday life with me now calling people n00bs when they’re being stupid. Therefore I thought i’d incorporate it into my blog writing. Regarding the post title “A Gr7 Work In Progress”, the meaning of gr7, according to Urbandictionary.com is: “A little less than gr8 (great) but still better than just good”, therefore I see my post as a gr7 work in progress. While the blog title means that what I aim to write will be clear and easy to understand making it suitable for level 5 vegans to take in and digest. This is because level 5 vegans won’t eat anything that casts a shadow. Additionally, I’m known as Lon, to which I have come to learn stands for: “loser on net”, hence the blog name. Hope this clears things up vegans. 

Well I think i’ll leave it there because it’s 2:54 am and I aim to leave by 10:00 am by the latest for some late christmas shopping. Goodnight, or is it good morning? not too sure so i’ll leave it to you to decide.


Oh by the way, as it’s a new blog, I aim to do something cool and new at the end of each post, and what best to do but write a fact of Chuck Norris at the end of each post?! Here goes..

“If you were to know Chuck Norris’ true name, your mind would collapse upon itself. “


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