New post, same rant..

January 22, 2009

Evening all,

As the Funk Physics first birthday draws closer, I get increasingly nervous and start doubting my ability to dance.. It’s just nerves I know, but OHHH MAAA GASSSSS.

Just thought I’d quickly make a post because I have the feeling I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow night, and especially on Friday, even the weekend shall be work based, trying to catch up on all the Uni work I’ve fell behind in. Oh well, no rest for the wicked haha.

Hmm what to write a post about? .. Well firstly I find it getting harder and harder to come up with witty and attention grabbing titles of posts, I don’t know if this happens to anyone, and if people even think about it. But damn, it’s a battle I face.. daily haha. I love posting and updating my blogs, but when it comes to thinking of a title to call it I get really stuck, oh well maybe it’s just a phase.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about an incident that happened to me as I was leaving work, but due to my over busy schedule, I’ve always had to put it off for “another day”.. well I’ve got time to write, so I may as well do it now.. Leaving Ikea late at night as I always do (I’ve got the late shifts.. the bastards) I run into two fellow co-workers, but from a different department.. these are your typical ghetto guys whom you can tell have done some dirty dealings at least once in their lives, if not still are; anyways, they say hello and ask if I was interested purchasing a t-shirt they were selling.. A big picture of now President Obama with the slogan: “Yes we can”. I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but I have no intention of wearing his face. Well back to the story, it was Monday, with Obama’s inauguration the next day.. So therefore I asked them:

“Oh [you’re selling the t-shirt] for [Obama’s inauguration] tomorrow?”

..A good 2 minutes of shouted phrases like “are you dumbbbb?!”, “are you dizzy bluddd?!” etc followed..

Then one of them says:

“This isn’t a premiership football team, this is real life!!”


Ok it’s not that funny, but I’m really shit at telling stories.. Sometimes haha.

Moving on, I also checked my dashboard and saw that I had on click from the Website: “alphainventions“, so me being a extremely curious about where people are finding my blog, I decided to click it. I know very little of it, but I really think it’s a very good and smart site, it “previews” a selection of updated blogs, which is a very good idea if you just want something to read. But God knows how I ended up on the site haha, although I do not regret it because I’ve already got some good view results from it. I started with one click, I went back to it in a few minutes and it said I had ten clicks from the site, then eleven, fifteen, seventeen and then twenty two. I welcome views and everyone to read my blog because I want to share thoughts and the daily occurrences of my oh so interesting life.. cough cough. It’s actually a really good site to connect fellow bloggers and readers alike.

Well anyways I think I’ll leave it there, I’m feeling a bit thirsty and my muscles are aching due to days of rehearsals. So I think I’ll rest. Hope you liked my daily rant..

Ohhh actually, allow me to post some of my pictures from the day out with Charl.. We had to go out and purchase some Uni materials and a new hat for my performance..

Here’s a little something I’m researching into making for my Project in Uni.. It’s just a prototype, it’s a Lightning box 😀

Oh and here’s the breakfast we had earlier that morning.. YUMMY!!

Damn I’m salivating.

Well Ok I’ll actually leave it there.. That’s the only problem with blogging. I’m an addict and I don’t know when to stop. Haha, I have a problem 🙂

Night Night

“He, who laughs last, laughs best. He who laughs at Chuck Norris … dies.”


Guilt trip, shumilt trip

January 21, 2009

Don’t feel guilty, and don’t make your post so that comments aren’t allowed so that I can’t tell you not to worry, see now I have to post it for me to tell you..

I will have a proper post next time, however I’m really tired and I need my rest badly.

Goodnight everyone..

“Chuck Norris can jump-start a car using jumper cables attached to his nipples.”

The return of the loser..

January 19, 2009

Long time guys,

Hello, feels like ages since I lasted blogged, hmm Ok maybe not that long, but you get the idea. I’m as shocked as you are about “my” previous post, but it’s really nice finding surprises like that, don’t you think? Just want to say thanks to Charl for doing it, however, she did get a few details wrong, my wallets not fake, it’s just, erm, a really good replica. Haha.

I’m back!! I had yet another good training weekend at MK and we actually finished our set.. THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT.. and it couldn’t have been more welcomed. All we need to do is constantly run through it and clean up all our routines. But if we’ve worked hard enough to finish it, then cleaning it up won’t be too hard. Ok I’ll stop talking about dance right now, let me just talk about my trip and everything I got up to.

The day started at Uni, got very tiresome so me and Charl started taking some pictures recreating some movie posters:

Haha, hope you liked them, there’s quite a few more, but I just want to put up a few for now.

We arrived at MK friday night, and trained till the very early hours of saturday, we finished about 3 in the morning, but because we were so awake from training, we wasn’t able to sleep until about 4, which totally sucked because I needed to travel to London for work if you remembered. And not knowing how long it’ll take me to get to work, I was advised to get a 9am train, meaning I had to wake up at 7 to get ready.. Therefore, only about three hours sleep. Something that’s a bit crazy because I had a two hour trip to get to work, a six hour shift, another two hour journey to get back to MK, then another five hour training session.. Wow try number-crunching that!!

My journey to and from MK went surprisingly well, and I occasionally enjoyed the view that was out of the window, but I did use that time to rest my body, something that was extremely needed. However I was so shattered on the way back that I fell asleep and suddenly woke up, shocked that there was no one in my train carriage, panicked and jumped off the train, only to quickly jump back on because I found out I was at the wrong station. Owned. Getting back to MK and catching up with all the guys, they told me about their day out while I was feeding hotdogs to people, I saw all their pictures that they took and they made me regret going to work, oh well, I’m a bit more richer hehe. Here’s a few examples of their day out..





Group pic

Haha look how much fun they had. Oh and trust me, there were so much more pic’s, many nice one’s I may add.

On my last day in MK, we went to Milton Keynes Ikea. Woah. It was a very foreign experience because for about a year, I’ve been going to the same Ikea, and seeing familiar faces. But going MK Ikea had a very weird feeling to it, the layout was different and it was very odd to see unfamiliar faces I would usually know. Here’s a few pictures I took, even though I didn’t take many anyways..




And on the way back to the house, Guess what.. We passed that big-ass Asda, I didn’t want to miss my chance to I tried to take a few pictures of it just to prove how big it actually is..


Huge entrance

Wal mart

Sorry I haven’t got proper full scale pictures, we were driving to close to it for me to get a whole picture, but you can get the idea, big isn’t it?

Erm that’s about it, I also need to sleep because I’m meeting up with Charl to go shopping woohoo haha, damn I’m broke. It’s really nice to be back, especially that I can spend some time with Charl. She’s been feeling really down recently, so visit her blog and tell her to get happy again Ok?

Ok good night guys..

“Chuck Norris doesn’t have blood. He is filled with magma.”

While you was away…

January 18, 2009

If you’ve been reading “Suitable for Level 5 Vegans to Digest” blog, you would know that the owner, Lonny, is away in MK training hard for an upcoming show, so this is me, Charldawn, talking nonsense.

(Please tell me someone’s noticed that I’ve even tried to write the above in his style haha.)

So while you was away I –

– realised that even though you tried hard to hide your wordpress password from me, you forgot that I know your hotmail password and I got your password from there, even though i could’ve guessed it
– worked really hard at work even though my hands were shaking and my belly was making weird noises even after my lunch break
– I walked to the wrong end of the car park, only to realise I parked at the other end
– I shouted out last night “I have no duvet LON!”, even though you wasn’t there
– I bathed twice for no reason
– I missed you lots

So enough about me, random facts about Lon :

– the last thing you do before leaving the house in the morning is brush your teeth
– you hate your nails being long
– your coin pocket in your wallet is broken
– your wallet is fake
– you love me

Enough now, you can blog now about your fantastic weekend away in MK

The library castaways..

January 16, 2009

Good Evening everyone,

Sorry about my last post, a bit random, but i was just emphasizing that no matter what happens, I can’t bring myself to hurt a special someone close to me.. sob sob.

Ok, enough sobbing now haha. Well I’m quickly blogging to update you about my recent trip to good ol’ Milton Keynes, or MK as I shall soon be calling it. I started a bit behind schedule because I left my house the time I was suppose to be picking one my fellow dancers, but it was fine because he wasn’t ready to go and he had a bit more of a rest because he had already been dancing from 10pm till 6am for a job for T-mobile, lucky him. Made my way to pick up another two people, then went on a very long and foggy drive. I was given directions but I also had a borrowed TomTom to go by, damn that thing is dangerous, only because you have to keep peeking at it from time to time, and also because it doesn’t let you know what lane to be in, and doing 120mph at one point and being in the wrong lane is not too helpful. Got to MK and went to Asda to buy food and a few drinks to quench our thirst from the training that was to commence. Damn, that was thee (not the, thee) largest Asda I have seen, it looked bigger than Westfield Shopping centre. Honestly. It’s clothing brand “George” even had it’s own section, well I say section, it was more of a building in another building, with it’s own entrance. I regret leaving my camera in the car because I don’t think my description of this Asda can even come close to how it actually was. Additionally, last time the guys went MK they ran into a well known English “celebrity”.. here’s the proof hahaha..

Gok Wan


Sorry readers, I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent, let me get on the story. From about 12 till 9 we were rehearsing very hard, running through everything and even getting a really hard and fast routine.. Good times!! I had a really good and productive training day and it felt really satisfying to see the results from the routines we recorded. I would post them up, however I’m not that stupid to show the routines of a up and coming show, so you just going have to take my word for it. But just for now, I’ll treat you to a little freestyle we did quite recently. It was recorded after a very hard and tiring training session so it may not be the best we’re capable of, but I still like it:

Ok well that’s about it I think for my adventure in MK, but I highly doubt there won’t more to blog about.

Moving on, it was my anniversary, and I spent a good and giggly day in the Uni library with the Mrs, we was working hard as we do, cough, and even had time to take some pictures haha, this was our interpretation of work haha:



Had a fun, and even outfit matching day, and it was a coincidence, meant to be haha.

Oh shit look at the time, as I’ve been saying a lot recently, I should get my rest, because guess what.. I’m going MK to train again. But this time it’s for the whole weekend, and Ikea being really annoying and stupid, I have to travel back to London for work for 6 hours, then travel back to MK.. Absolutely not looking forward to that trip, simply because it’s my first time taking train to and from MK and I’ll be alone.. Two words.. Easy Target, haha.

Ok guys, I think I’ll leave it there because I’ve ranted on enough and probably boring you haha, enjoy the media hehe.

Woop Woop

“Everything King Midas touches turnes to gold. Everything Chuck Norris touches turns up dead.”


January 15, 2009

I would be spiteful and tell her I wouldn’t say that I loved her until she was ready to say it again to me, so she knows how it feels, but I think it would hurt me more than it would her..

Happy Anniversary

A little practice time..

January 14, 2009

Evening all,

I promised to Charl that I wouldn’t blog today, only because I driving to Milton Keynes for some hardcore routine practice time. There’s only 9 days to go, so it’s much needed and was even my idea to go. But because there’s no internet connection down there, I feel compelled to unload my mind onto this. I received my first Uni brief of 2009, it’s due in only 3 weeks and it’s quite labour intensive, but I’m feeling ready, although there’s a lot playing on my mind, hopefully I don’t leave it to the last moment like I did with my research. However despite the brief, I have to put my mind totally into trying to perfect the routine… There’s a lot riding on this shit

I’m keeping this post as short as possible so that I can keep my promise, somewhat, hehe.

Well I think I’ll leave it there, but there’s just one more thing that’s got me wondering. I’m a bit clueless on the WordPress dashboard and all things that’s on it, but I saw the referrers and there was something new and foreign there. I had a new referrer.. “Audacious“, not too sure what that meant (someone went to my blog from clicking on a link from their blog? .. WHAT A NOOB) but I think that’s a good thing.  If it is, thanks “Audacious”, I read your new blog, and I honestly think it’s really cool talking about stuff like that, honestly. (haha curious about what they write about now isn’t it? haha, well click on the link.)

At the chance of someone getting angry at me; you should also click the link at the bottom of my page: “Charldawn”… Ok, too lazy to scroll down? Here it is: Charldawn haha. Visit it, it’s better than mine haha.

Good night, I’ll write about my adventure in Milton Keynes when I get back ok.. Miss you all sob sob sob.

“There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.”

Good evening,

First day back to Uni earlier, and what best to celebrate it by having an all day critique of our project research we were all required to do, ahem. If you’re a past reader, you’d know that I’ve been stressing for the past, erm, 4 days because I’ve been busting my ass hardcore to at least have something to show at the critique, and allow me to enlighten you on how it went..

Today’s crit couldn’t have went better.. yaheyyy

It started off a bit shaky with me having a mad dash to print off my typeface examples etc. and with the help from Charl I was even able to write about the target market of my chosen business. But as the day went on I was feeling more and more confident of the research I did over the 4 days, especially because of the very good reception Charl got when she went through hers. Although I was a bit nervous because my research was done methodically with lots of writing while other people’s were comprised of lots of pretty pictures and bold colours, I still had a really good crit with my teachers nodding their heads to every word I said to them haha.

On a different note, as I was cleaning up at work at the end of the day, I was hassled by the “annoying couple”. It’s been a while since I last ran into the “annoying couple”, but let me tell you why I find them annoying. Months ago, as I was serving on Bistro, I had an aged lady come up to the till and ask for some hotdogs, I serve her and complete her order, she then looks through the glass at the meatballs we sell..

“Oh are those the Swedish meatballs?” she asks,

“Yes they are” I reply,

“Oh I’ve never tasted them, are they nice?”

Me being the nice guy I am, I give her one for free.. 

“Ohhh they are nice, I’ll buy them next time”.

Maybe a week later, the same annoying lady comes to the Bistro again. And I’m now suffering from some hardcore deja vu because she orders, looks at the meatballs and asks EXACTLY the same thing, emphasizing she’s never tasted the “Swedish meatballs” before. At this point I’m ready to jump over the till and drop kick her, but I play along (because I’m a nice non-drop-kicking kind of guy) and give her a free meatball.. What an annoying little bitch. And her husband, an aged man with long hair and a sweatband, complimented with “Gucci” sunglasses, that he’s wearing.. Who wears sunglasses indoors?! Ok attention seeking guys in clubs etc. But not in Ikea for Gods sake! And what’s with the sweatband? Since when was furniture shopping a perspiring activity?!

Yeah well today as I was cleaning, I see them approach and instantly recognize them, or should I say him with his sweatband and sunglasses, and I know they’re going to start hassling. My premonitions were correct as the annoying husband asks me for hot water for his damn pot-noodle and she’s bothering me for cold water, I ignore her because I’m busy cleaning so she just settles for a sip of her husbands pot-noodle. Shame.

Damn look at the time, I should get my rest, felt like a zombie today. Hope you enjoyed and laughed at my ranting.


“There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Chuck Norris’ computer. Chuck Norris is always in control. “

One down, one to go..

January 12, 2009

Good morning,

This one’s going to be a very quick post, as you can see it’s coming up to 4 in the morning the deadline is just in a few hours. But because I’m working at Ikea this evening, I have to drive my car there, leave it in the car park, travel to Uni, then run back to work. So in actuality, I should be leaving my house to drive to Ikea at about 7.45 am, leaving me with what seems like seconds of sleep.

I’m just blogging to let you the reader know that I’m done with my winter research for my project, god, I never thought I’d be saying that, but I think if I try and carry on, I’ll just lose my sanity and health because I’m already sleep deprived to the max. So yeah, I managed to get 20 pages of research, and no that’s not font size 72 handwriting and no that’s not one side of writing per page. I’m actually quite pleased with what I’ve got down, not too sure if it’s a pass, but at least I’ve tried my best and actually got something to show my teachers when I get back. But how they mark it is out of my control, maybe if I slipped them a fresh £20 note in my sketchbook I’d get a really good critique, but too bad I’m broke and a fucking joke..

Anyways, one problem down, one more to go..

Time for some much needed and deserved sleep.

Oh wait, I have to wake up and get ready now haha.


“Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open”

Let the countdown begin..

January 11, 2009

Good Morning,

Just taking a quick break from my Uni project, haha yes I too am shocked I’m actually doing it, got quite a few pages done already, but I’m not looking to be finishing anytime soon. Just thought to unwind and discard some of the thoughts cramming my mind, making me unable to think straight, thus making working harder, you catch my drift. Damn even blogging got harder. Anyways, allow me to catch you up from today’s activities, woke up, went to work, travelled home from work, watched TV, started Uni work.. STAYED IN MY WORK UNIFORM!! maybe that’ll make me work harder haha, or maybe distract me from the pungent aroma of chips.. ooo yummy.

Well counting down the days till the deadlines of many important things happen, my Uni project is due in in a few mere hours, and if you think about it, I’ve only got a few hours till my performance, well ok, a few is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. ok ok, you’ve probably heard enough of my ranting and raving, I think I won’t talk about it for a while haha.

Oh as you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging quite regularly, I don’t know, find it quite therapeutic noting down what’s eating at my medulla oblongata and I think it helps. Hopefully I don’t fall into old habits, fingers crossed everyone!!

Ok back to work or off to sleep? dilemmas dilemmas, feel like nelly lol. But there is one think I need to do, GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY UNIFORM, the smell’s getting too overpowering.

shoo shoo 🙂

“Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.”