Let the countdown begin..

January 11, 2009

Good Morning,

Just taking a quick break from my Uni project, haha yes I too am shocked I’m actually doing it, got quite a few pages done already, but I’m not looking to be finishing anytime soon. Just thought to unwind and discard some of the thoughts cramming my mind, making me unable to think straight, thus making working harder, you catch my drift. Damn even blogging got harder. Anyways, allow me to catch you up from today’s activities, woke up, went to work, travelled home from work, watched TV, started Uni work.. STAYED IN MY WORK UNIFORM!! maybe that’ll make me work harder haha, or maybe distract me from the pungent aroma of chips.. ooo yummy.

Well counting down the days till the deadlines of many important things happen, my Uni project is due in in a few mere hours, and if you think about it, I’ve only got a few hours till my performance, well ok, a few is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get what I mean. ok ok, you’ve probably heard enough of my ranting and raving, I think I won’t talk about it for a while haha.

Oh as you’ve noticed I’ve been blogging quite regularly, I don’t know, find it quite therapeutic noting down what’s eating at my medulla oblongata and I think it helps. Hopefully I don’t fall into old habits, fingers crossed everyone!!

Ok back to work or off to sleep? dilemmas dilemmas, feel like nelly lol. But there is one think I need to do, GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY UNIFORM, the smell’s getting too overpowering.

shoo shoo 🙂

“Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.”


One Response to “Let the countdown begin..”

  1. Charl said

    shoo shoo, really like ur header image beb

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