One down, one to go..

January 12, 2009

Good morning,

This one’s going to be a very quick post, as you can see it’s coming up to 4 in the morning the deadline is just in a few hours. But because I’m working at Ikea this evening, I have to drive my car there, leave it in the car park, travel to Uni, then run back to work. So in actuality, I should be leaving my house to drive to Ikea at about 7.45 am, leaving me with what seems like seconds of sleep.

I’m just blogging to let you the reader know that I’m done with my winter research for my project, god, I never thought I’d be saying that, but I think if I try and carry on, I’ll just lose my sanity and health because I’m already sleep deprived to the max. So yeah, I managed to get 20 pages of research, and no that’s not font size 72 handwriting and no that’s not one side of writing per page. I’m actually quite pleased with what I’ve got down, not too sure if it’s a pass, but at least I’ve tried my best and actually got something to show my teachers when I get back. But how they mark it is out of my control, maybe if I slipped them a fresh £20 note in my sketchbook I’d get a really good critique, but too bad I’m broke and a fucking joke..

Anyways, one problem down, one more to go..

Time for some much needed and deserved sleep.

Oh wait, I have to wake up and get ready now haha.


“Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open”


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