EUREKA! – The results of the Critique..

January 13, 2009

Good evening,

First day back to Uni earlier, and what best to celebrate it by having an all day critique of our project research we were all required to do, ahem. If you’re a past reader, you’d know that I’ve been stressing for the past, erm, 4 days because I’ve been busting my ass hardcore to at least have something to show at the critique, and allow me to enlighten you on how it went..

Today’s crit couldn’t have went better.. yaheyyy

It started off a bit shaky with me having a mad dash to print off my typeface examples etc. and with the help from Charl I was even able to write about the target market of my chosen business. But as the day went on I was feeling more and more confident of the research I did over the 4 days, especially because of the very good reception Charl got when she went through hers. Although I was a bit nervous because my research was done methodically with lots of writing while other people’s were comprised of lots of pretty pictures and bold colours, I still had a really good crit with my teachers nodding their heads to every word I said to them haha.

On a different note, as I was cleaning up at work at the end of the day, I was hassled by the “annoying couple”. It’s been a while since I last ran into the “annoying couple”, but let me tell you why I find them annoying. Months ago, as I was serving on Bistro, I had an aged lady come up to the till and ask for some hotdogs, I serve her and complete her order, she then looks through the glass at the meatballs we sell..

“Oh are those the Swedish meatballs?” she asks,

“Yes they are” I reply,

“Oh I’ve never tasted them, are they nice?”

Me being the nice guy I am, I give her one for free.. 

“Ohhh they are nice, I’ll buy them next time”.

Maybe a week later, the same annoying lady comes to the Bistro again. And I’m now suffering from some hardcore deja vu because she orders, looks at the meatballs and asks EXACTLY the same thing, emphasizing she’s never tasted the “Swedish meatballs” before. At this point I’m ready to jump over the till and drop kick her, but I play along (because I’m a nice non-drop-kicking kind of guy) and give her a free meatball.. What an annoying little bitch. And her husband, an aged man with long hair and a sweatband, complimented with “Gucci” sunglasses, that he’s wearing.. Who wears sunglasses indoors?! Ok attention seeking guys in clubs etc. But not in Ikea for Gods sake! And what’s with the sweatband? Since when was furniture shopping a perspiring activity?!

Yeah well today as I was cleaning, I see them approach and instantly recognize them, or should I say him with his sweatband and sunglasses, and I know they’re going to start hassling. My premonitions were correct as the annoying husband asks me for hot water for his damn pot-noodle and she’s bothering me for cold water, I ignore her because I’m busy cleaning so she just settles for a sip of her husbands pot-noodle. Shame.

Damn look at the time, I should get my rest, felt like a zombie today. Hope you enjoyed and laughed at my ranting.


“There is no ‘ctrl’ button on Chuck Norris’ computer. Chuck Norris is always in control. “


One Response to “EUREKA! – The results of the Critique..”

  1. Charl said

    you never told me about “the annoying couple” haha, annoying little biyatch

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