A little practice time..

January 14, 2009

Evening all,

I promised to Charl that I wouldn’t blog today, only because I driving to Milton Keynes for some hardcore routine practice time. There’s only 9 days to go, so it’s much needed and was even my idea to go. But because there’s no internet connection down there, I feel compelled to unload my mind onto this. I received my first Uni brief of 2009, it’s due in only 3 weeks and it’s quite labour intensive, but I’m feeling ready, although there’s a lot playing on my mind, hopefully I don’t leave it to the last moment like I did with my research. However despite the brief, I have to put my mind totally into trying to perfect the routine… There’s a lot riding on this shit

I’m keeping this post as short as possible so that I can keep my promise, somewhat, hehe.

Well I think I’ll leave it there, but there’s just one more thing that’s got me wondering. I’m a bit clueless on the WordPress dashboard and all things that’s on it, but I saw the referrers and there was something new and foreign there. I had a new referrer.. “Audacious“, not too sure what that meant (someone went to my blog from clicking on a link from their blog? .. WHAT A NOOB) but I think that’s a good thing.  If it is, thanks “Audacious”, I read your new blog, and I honestly think it’s really cool talking about stuff like that, honestly. (haha curious about what they write about now isn’t it? haha, well click on the link.)

At the chance of someone getting angry at me; you should also click the link at the bottom of my page: “Charldawn”… Ok, too lazy to scroll down? Here it is: Charldawn haha. Visit it, it’s better than mine haha.

Good night, I’ll write about my adventure in Milton Keynes when I get back ok.. Miss you all sob sob sob.

“There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.”


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