The library castaways..

January 16, 2009

Good Evening everyone,

Sorry about my last post, a bit random, but i was just emphasizing that no matter what happens, I can’t bring myself to hurt a special someone close to me.. sob sob.

Ok, enough sobbing now haha. Well I’m quickly blogging to update you about my recent trip to good ol’ Milton Keynes, or MK as I shall soon be calling it. I started a bit behind schedule because I left my house the time I was suppose to be picking one my fellow dancers, but it was fine because he wasn’t ready to go and he had a bit more of a rest because he had already been dancing from 10pm till 6am for a job for T-mobile, lucky him. Made my way to pick up another two people, then went on a very long and foggy drive. I was given directions but I also had a borrowed TomTom to go by, damn that thing is dangerous, only because you have to keep peeking at it from time to time, and also because it doesn’t let you know what lane to be in, and doing 120mph at one point and being in the wrong lane is not too helpful. Got to MK and went to Asda to buy food and a few drinks to quench our thirst from the training that was to commence. Damn, that was thee (not the, thee) largest Asda I have seen, it looked bigger than Westfield Shopping centre. Honestly. It’s clothing brand “George” even had it’s own section, well I say section, it was more of a building in another building, with it’s own entrance. I regret leaving my camera in the car because I don’t think my description of this Asda can even come close to how it actually was. Additionally, last time the guys went MK they ran into a well known English “celebrity”.. here’s the proof hahaha..

Gok Wan


Sorry readers, I’ve gone off at a bit of a tangent, let me get on the story. From about 12 till 9 we were rehearsing very hard, running through everything and even getting a really hard and fast routine.. Good times!! I had a really good and productive training day and it felt really satisfying to see the results from the routines we recorded. I would post them up, however I’m not that stupid to show the routines of a up and coming show, so you just going have to take my word for it. But just for now, I’ll treat you to a little freestyle we did quite recently. It was recorded after a very hard and tiring training session so it may not be the best we’re capable of, but I still like it:

Ok well that’s about it I think for my adventure in MK, but I highly doubt there won’t more to blog about.

Moving on, it was my anniversary, and I spent a good and giggly day in the Uni library with the Mrs, we was working hard as we do, cough, and even had time to take some pictures haha, this was our interpretation of work haha:



Had a fun, and even outfit matching day, and it was a coincidence, meant to be haha.

Oh shit look at the time, as I’ve been saying a lot recently, I should get my rest, because guess what.. I’m going MK to train again. But this time it’s for the whole weekend, and Ikea being really annoying and stupid, I have to travel back to London for work for 6 hours, then travel back to MK.. Absolutely not looking forward to that trip, simply because it’s my first time taking train to and from MK and I’ll be alone.. Two words.. Easy Target, haha.

Ok guys, I think I’ll leave it there because I’ve ranted on enough and probably boring you haha, enjoy the media hehe.

Woop Woop

“Everything King Midas touches turnes to gold. Everything Chuck Norris touches turns up dead.”


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