While you was away…

January 18, 2009

If you’ve been reading “Suitable for Level 5 Vegans to Digest” blog, you would know that the owner, Lonny, is away in MK training hard for an upcoming show, so this is me, Charldawn, talking nonsense.

(Please tell me someone’s noticed that I’ve even tried to write the above in his style haha.)

So while you was away I –

– realised that even though you tried hard to hide your wordpress password from me, you forgot that I know your hotmail password and I got your password from there, even though i could’ve guessed it
– worked really hard at work even though my hands were shaking and my belly was making weird noises even after my lunch break
– I walked to the wrong end of the car park, only to realise I parked at the other end
– I shouted out last night “I have no duvet LON!”, even though you wasn’t there
– I bathed twice for no reason
– I missed you lots

So enough about me, random facts about Lon :

– the last thing you do before leaving the house in the morning is brush your teeth
– you hate your nails being long
– your coin pocket in your wallet is broken
– your wallet is fake
– you love me

Enough now, you can blog now about your fantastic weekend away in MK


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