The return of the loser..

January 19, 2009

Long time guys,

Hello, feels like ages since I lasted blogged, hmm Ok maybe not that long, but you get the idea. I’m as shocked as you are about “my” previous post, but it’s really nice finding surprises like that, don’t you think? Just want to say thanks to Charl for doing it, however, she did get a few details wrong, my wallets not fake, it’s just, erm, a really good replica. Haha.

I’m back!! I had yet another good training weekend at MK and we actually finished our set.. THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT.. and it couldn’t have been more welcomed. All we need to do is constantly run through it and clean up all our routines. But if we’ve worked hard enough to finish it, then cleaning it up won’t be too hard. Ok I’ll stop talking about dance right now, let me just talk about my trip and everything I got up to.

The day started at Uni, got very tiresome so me and Charl started taking some pictures recreating some movie posters:

Haha, hope you liked them, there’s quite a few more, but I just want to put up a few for now.

We arrived at MK friday night, and trained till the very early hours of saturday, we finished about 3 in the morning, but because we were so awake from training, we wasn’t able to sleep until about 4, which totally sucked because I needed to travel to London for work if you remembered. And not knowing how long it’ll take me to get to work, I was advised to get a 9am train, meaning I had to wake up at 7 to get ready.. Therefore, only about three hours sleep. Something that’s a bit crazy because I had a two hour trip to get to work, a six hour shift, another two hour journey to get back to MK, then another five hour training session.. Wow try number-crunching that!!

My journey to and from MK went surprisingly well, and I occasionally enjoyed the view that was out of the window, but I did use that time to rest my body, something that was extremely needed. However I was so shattered on the way back that I fell asleep and suddenly woke up, shocked that there was no one in my train carriage, panicked and jumped off the train, only to quickly jump back on because I found out I was at the wrong station. Owned. Getting back to MK and catching up with all the guys, they told me about their day out while I was feeding hotdogs to people, I saw all their pictures that they took and they made me regret going to work, oh well, I’m a bit more richer hehe. Here’s a few examples of their day out..





Group pic

Haha look how much fun they had. Oh and trust me, there were so much more pic’s, many nice one’s I may add.

On my last day in MK, we went to Milton Keynes Ikea. Woah. It was a very foreign experience because for about a year, I’ve been going to the same Ikea, and seeing familiar faces. But going MK Ikea had a very weird feeling to it, the layout was different and it was very odd to see unfamiliar faces I would usually know. Here’s a few pictures I took, even though I didn’t take many anyways..




And on the way back to the house, Guess what.. We passed that big-ass Asda, I didn’t want to miss my chance to I tried to take a few pictures of it just to prove how big it actually is..


Huge entrance

Wal mart

Sorry I haven’t got proper full scale pictures, we were driving to close to it for me to get a whole picture, but you can get the idea, big isn’t it?

Erm that’s about it, I also need to sleep because I’m meeting up with Charl to go shopping woohoo haha, damn I’m broke. It’s really nice to be back, especially that I can spend some time with Charl. She’s been feeling really down recently, so visit her blog and tell her to get happy again Ok?

Ok good night guys..

“Chuck Norris doesn’t have blood. He is filled with magma.”


One Response to “The return of the loser..”

  1. Charl said

    haha you missed out on some good photo opportunities, pwned!

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