New post, same rant..

January 22, 2009

Evening all,

As the Funk Physics first birthday draws closer, I get increasingly nervous and start doubting my ability to dance.. It’s just nerves I know, but OHHH MAAA GASSSSS.

Just thought I’d quickly make a post because I have the feeling I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow night, and especially on Friday, even the weekend shall be work based, trying to catch up on all the Uni work I’ve fell behind in. Oh well, no rest for the wicked haha.

Hmm what to write a post about? .. Well firstly I find it getting harder and harder to come up with witty and attention grabbing titles of posts, I don’t know if this happens to anyone, and if people even think about it. But damn, it’s a battle I face.. daily haha. I love posting and updating my blogs, but when it comes to thinking of a title to call it I get really stuck, oh well maybe it’s just a phase.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about an incident that happened to me as I was leaving work, but due to my over busy schedule, I’ve always had to put it off for “another day”.. well I’ve got time to write, so I may as well do it now.. Leaving Ikea late at night as I always do (I’ve got the late shifts.. the bastards) I run into two fellow co-workers, but from a different department.. these are your typical ghetto guys whom you can tell have done some dirty dealings at least once in their lives, if not still are; anyways, they say hello and ask if I was interested purchasing a t-shirt they were selling.. A big picture of now President Obama with the slogan: “Yes we can”. I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but I have no intention of wearing his face. Well back to the story, it was Monday, with Obama’s inauguration the next day.. So therefore I asked them:

“Oh [you’re selling the t-shirt] for [Obama’s inauguration] tomorrow?”

..A good 2 minutes of shouted phrases like “are you dumbbbb?!”, “are you dizzy bluddd?!” etc followed..

Then one of them says:

“This isn’t a premiership football team, this is real life!!”


Ok it’s not that funny, but I’m really shit at telling stories.. Sometimes haha.

Moving on, I also checked my dashboard and saw that I had on click from the Website: “alphainventions“, so me being a extremely curious about where people are finding my blog, I decided to click it. I know very little of it, but I really think it’s a very good and smart site, it “previews” a selection of updated blogs, which is a very good idea if you just want something to read. But God knows how I ended up on the site haha, although I do not regret it because I’ve already got some good view results from it. I started with one click, I went back to it in a few minutes and it said I had ten clicks from the site, then eleven, fifteen, seventeen and then twenty two. I welcome views and everyone to read my blog because I want to share thoughts and the daily occurrences of my oh so interesting life.. cough cough. It’s actually a really good site to connect fellow bloggers and readers alike.

Well anyways I think I’ll leave it there, I’m feeling a bit thirsty and my muscles are aching due to days of rehearsals. So I think I’ll rest. Hope you liked my daily rant..

Ohhh actually, allow me to post some of my pictures from the day out with Charl.. We had to go out and purchase some Uni materials and a new hat for my performance..

Here’s a little something I’m researching into making for my Project in Uni.. It’s just a prototype, it’s a Lightning box 😀

Oh and here’s the breakfast we had earlier that morning.. YUMMY!!

Damn I’m salivating.

Well Ok I’ll actually leave it there.. That’s the only problem with blogging. I’m an addict and I don’t know when to stop. Haha, I have a problem 🙂

Night Night

“He, who laughs last, laughs best. He who laughs at Chuck Norris … dies.”


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