LON time no blog..

March 18, 2009

Hello readers..

An extremely long time since I’ve last blogged and even been on wordpress for that matter, but only to have my daily intake of Charldawn.. even if it doesn’t portray me the best light haha.

Anyways, where do I start?! So much has happened since I lasted blogged; quickly recapping on my last post, I saw that I’m talking about my nervousness of performing at the We R One event at the O2. Well allow me to enlighten you that the show went better than we expected.. Our set emphasized the message that we are all students of Hip Hop and we should be united because of it, not competing against each other. And this message was felt by the majority of the 2500 strong audience.. a real nice feeling that we’re one step closer in unifying the dancers in the UK. Woop. I’ll leave some pictures and even a video of the performance of the night, although I personally was too excited to be taking pics and vids myself haha. A quick, yet big thanks to friends and family that came down and showed love that night ūüôā

After that crazy performance, the Animaineax’s were¬†scheduled¬†to judge (yes judge!!) the “United Dance Organization” competition in Brean, basically the OTHER SIDE of the UK!! God it was a long drive, however a big pat on the back for Ryan, Aj and Albert whom drove for nearly half a day in¬†ridiculous¬†weather conditions, complete with the near miss accidents and actually getting stuck in the snow and having to try and push the car UPHILL!! LOLLLL.. And before you wonder about myself and the other half of the Animaineax’s, we drove down later on in the evening, and even though there was no traffic and the snow wasn’t too bad.. it took three hours, and I was dead by the end of it haha. We spent the whole weekend there judging the competing dancers, partying, getting to know everyone and just generally living it up as we Animaineax’s do!! I had such a good time there, seeing all the dancers in one big camp was something I’ve never seen before, and it made more motivated to push myself to work harder and it also made me feel really humble and thankful for what I had and what I had accomplished.

Since then we did another guest appearance and performed at another show.. yet again spreading our message of PEACE, LOVE, FUN & UNITY!!

Ok, my life has generally been on the up since I last posted, my Uni projects are getting completed so some smooth sailing when it comes to that. Spending time with Charl is always a laugh so no real change there haha. Recently we’ve been spending more time chatting to Ryan, having our somewhat daily visits to our¬†favourite¬†Chinese restaurant to stuff our face with balls.. Yes BALLS!! and to add to our outings, we have even organized a nice trip to Braintree, a shopping outlet for some much needed retail therapy. I promise I’ll let you readers know how it goes.

Oh before I forget, a big shout out goes to Ryan.. told you you’d get a shout out haha.. he’s also new face to wordpress so give him a nice warm welcome¬†hehe.. However, he isn’t a noob to the net.. check out his and his closest’s website.. KAVEMAN CLOTHING¬†.. some nice designs right there, so make sure you have a look.

Ahh it’s really nice being back.. it took me a bit more longer to post this up because I just recently finished my preparation for my portfolio assessment.. something I didn’t expect to survive Uni long enough to see.. but hey.. I made it!! Just seeing how much work I had done made me really thankful to Charl who helped, well I say helped, she actually pushed my sorry ass to do.. without her I would’ve dropped out within the first few weeks of Uni. So thanks Miss Gossip Lady. I’m really pleased with everything, and I have worked that much harder so I can actually say I’m proud of my work. Hopefully the tutors see it in the same way haha.. Been feeling really positive nowadays, and it’s really paid off. These positive vibes has attracted a workshop for my and the other Animaineax’s arses. And excited we are!! However the pressure flip is switched to “on” for I need to make up a routine.. However, I’m using this experience to learn more about the musicality of the music.. so I’m aiming for a real chilled choreography. But I also know the guys (and girl) are behind me 100000% so I know I got their help when I need it.

Oh ok.. so recapping, since I was last here.. I have..

  1. become more positive
  2. judged competitions
  3. performed
  4. shared some fun times Ry & Charl
  5. filled my mouth with balls
  6. basically completed Uni
  7. wear glasses (again)
  8. gone on some crazy roadtrips

So yeah.. I think that’s about it.. hopefully I haven’t missed anything to monumental that has occurred in my life, and if I have.. I’ll be sure to update.

As I said I would.. here’s some Pic’s

Thanks for reading guys.. Miaowww LOLLL


5 Responses to “LON time no blog..”

  1. charldawn said

    HAHAH u forgot ur chuck norris fact =p miaowww

  2. wonker said

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. rynamo said

    I GOT MENTIONED!!! Haha… Y do I feel like sum sorta celebrity being mentioned on da net?! I do dis sort of stuff myself, wot da hell!? Lool
    But ahhh yess.. Berry nice blog Lonny boi. Been waiting my ass off 4u 2 post dat lol. Finally new fings 2 read from both of u!!! Woooo! Lol
    Update regularly so I can read summin insted of being da weather man & staring at da sun 4 hazardous lengths of time LOL.

  4. Jola said

    Swarf, thank you so much for workshop this holiday in Poland. Love you. ‚̧ one more time thank you. ;*

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