Desperate times calls for desperate measures..

March 20, 2009

So last night as I was preparing my sketchbooks and portfolio for my assessment, I realized I needed to stick in some of the hundreds of loose sheets I had collecting at the back of my books. I normally do things like this at Uni, usually in the library on my break if I’m not busy sleeping.. and doing something else, I’ll probably post something about it, but not right now ok? .. anyways, whenever I do this Charl’s normally sitting besides me so I use her glue, which extremely often is stolen from someone or somewhere else haha; so let’s just say I would always have a glue handy. However, working at home last night, I turned to my side and saw that Charly wasn’t there, and I had no form of glue to stick all the sheets down with.. hmm what to do?

I shout to my father in the kitchen and ask him if we have any “Pritt Stick” laying around the house.. he then goes to our shed in the back garden and later returns with this..



Boarder and overlay mother fucking adhesive?! .. That shit is from WICKES!!

Ok, props to the padre for helping me out in my time of need, but this is GHETTO!! .. However, as you know beggars can’t be choosers, and like the title of the post, desperate times calls for desperate measures.. and boy was I desperate.

So careful not to over “sploge” the papers with this crazy shit, I just added little dabs in the corners. I proper felt like neil Buchanan..


This is an art attack!
This is an art attack!
This is..
           ART ATTACK!!



That adhesive wrinkled the papers and just made everything look weird lol.

Oh well though, at least now sheets and book are one, and there’s no more “baggage” to accompany my sketchbooks haha..

mission accomplished.. thanks padre.. and neil “Art Attack” Buchanan!!


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