A three hour post..

April 7, 2009

Hello all,

Uh ohhh I’m falling into bad habits yet again, no I’m not on crack cocaine, I just haven’t blogged in what seems like years. So allow me to say a big sorry for those who have visited my blog religiously just to see if I’ve got off my ass and posted something new and interesting. And by looking at my views yesterday I saw that I only had two, which can only mean one thing.. my two favorite bloggers visited Charldawn and Rynamo.. So this one is for you guys!! Woop Woop.

Ok the reason why I always put myself off from blogging is because I always want to have something interesting to talk about.. it’s not that I don’t do anything interesting nor anything interesting happens to me.. but the blog writing process is extremely long with me taking hours just for one post, with me reading, re-reading and re-re-reading what I’ve written just to see if it makes sense, and overall if it’s as funny as it originally sounded in my head when you read it here.. and the verdict? Well yeah I guess so hehe. So now you know why I don’t blog too often, and hopefully that counts as my excuse hehe.

However after recent events, it is now easier for me to blog, and “on-the-go” for that matter. Because as of the 1st of April, I am the proud new owner of a Blackberry, possibly one of the greatest inventions to ever grace God green earth. I love my Blackberry, not just because chatting to Charl and Ry is made simple because of Blackberry Messaging, but because so many things are now much more easier.. I can quickly take a picture of something, email it to someone and quickly get their opinion on it.. in a matter of minutes. Is that cool or is that cool?! So now I can try post something up while on the move, or at least make notes on the interesting things I should write about. Fingers crossed.

Ohhh yeah, the Animaineax’s workshop.. Lemme tell you it went better than we expected. I finished my routine on time and teaching it to a full class of 30 was an experience I would never forget. I thoroughly enjoyed it and seeing some of my closest there was a dream come true, although my hands was shaking bad and my voice did have some autotune moments hahahaha. I’ll add a video at the end of the post to show you the routines ok 🙂

Just a few days ago was Ryan’s birthday so without a doubt I had to join in the celebrations at his house.. there we ate, drank, bussed too many jokes and played a game of the one and only.. Monopoly. Sadly I don’t own any of the pictures that was taken that night so I can’t post them up because of copyright infringements haha but if you go to Ryan’s blog you can read more about it.. especially how me and Charl won Monopoly hahahaha.. 

Ermm I think this was just a recap post, sooo many things to talk about but I just don’t know how to tie everything together. Maybe because I’m so knackered because I had work earlier and I’m actually still wearing my Ikea smelling uniform, or maybe because I’ve been writing this post for more than three hours and my brain feels like mush.. So therefore I think I’ll leave it there..

Damn I need some rest.. Good Morning Guys


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