Hair today gone tomorrow..

April 7, 2009

Ahoy there mateys..
Just thought I’d blog from my Blackberry to emphasize how easy it is to write “on-the-go” and to keep my promise to myself and others that I would blog more often.
Well I’m just on my way to central London to meet.. Yeah you guessed it, the two I talk about the most, Charl and Ry. I need to come up with a cool merged name for both of them because I mention them so much and it’s easy for Ryan to say “Charlon”.. Hmm, lemme see.. “Chary”?.. “Rycharl”?.. “Rylotte”?.. “Charlan”? hahahaha.. This is hard man, I think I’ll brainstorm more on names later. Back to the story; but there’s also a new edition to our outing today.. Em, Charls sister, she’s a cool lady, but a n00b at times hehe. Anywaysss, this leads me on to what I was intending to post..
I’ve been growing my hair for more than a year now, I don’t regret doing it and if anything I think growing my hair was a good thing. I love the feeling of combing really small knots out and just messing around with it, taking pictures and emailing it to people.. However I have just come to realize that those pictures are the ones that if surfaced on the net, it could ruin whatever career I have haha.. It’s on par with Vanessa Hudgen’s nude photos, or on video terms, as bad as any celebrity sex tape.. Katie Price’s perhaps, although I’ve never laid eyes on it :p. Ok well what I’m trying to get at is that I love my hair, so I make sure it’s in tip-top condition; therefore I shampoo, condition thoroughly and DON’T blow dry, I just leave it to air dry naturally so that it doesn’t dry out my hair and I become like those sad girls in the Panten Pro V adverts, yano the ones that have dry damaged hair until they use it haha. Ok moving on (sorry for the spontaneous and random outbursts, I have a lot of thoughts bunged up in my head from all those years of non-blogging haha) well recently I’ve seen a lot of my hair coming out when I’m lathering it up. I know it’s natural and it’s suppose to happen because it’s dead hair but it’s quite unnerving when I have to collect it up and throw it in the bin because if it falls in the drain I’m actually frightened that it’s capable of blocking the pipes haha.. Ok maybe that’s exaggerating a bit, ok and also the “a bit” of that statement is exaggerating, but it’s makes for a better read, wouldn’t you agree? Hehe.
Yeah I know it’s a bit of a random post, and it makes me look like a bit of a woman because how I take care of my hair.. But bahh.. I still had fun writing it and it took less than three hours to conjour up haha.. Ta daaaa!!


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