Ya gotta love the sterotypes..

April 8, 2009

Hi all,
Just on the way to Central again, because while Ryan was out he found these beautiful trainers and I, upon gazing at them fell instantly in love and was awed by their beauty. So therefore me and Ry or “Rylon” (hahaha) are on our way there to rescue them from the evil confines of their boxes and put them on our feet. Hip Hip Hoorayyyy!!
Ok but that’s not why I’m blogging. On the walk to the bus stop, I see three kids, no older than 12, with the youngest being about 6, having a little game of football in their front garden thingy bit. Like the majority of the area of which I am resided in, they are of asian decent (not to be confused with oriental ok?) .. Well there’s nothing wrong with that and I’m perfectly fine with that. But when I passed them the 6 year old, confused by the excitement looks up as I walk past, waves his hand and says in these exact words..
“Hello Chinese”
Ok I understand he doesn’t comprehend how rude and fucking idiotic that was and yes, he’s young but how do you learn that? Yeah that’s right.. From the parents and friends and family around him. Man when I heard that, initially I was shocked and I thought to myself, he’s a kid he doesn’t know what he’s saying..
I realised that me walking past and brushing it off showed to him that it was alright to say stupid shit like that therefore reinforcing the things he’s learning from his parents, friends and family.
So I stopped.. And glared at him and the two other kids, maybe brothers, there. And it ran through my mind.. Ok what do I do now? Jump over their (waist-high) wall and fuck them up? Say some equally wrong and racist stuff? Swear at them until they get the picture? .. But I couldn’t, they were little kids and by doing those things I’d be just as immature as them. So I stood there and just glared at them until he said something (although I did have a ‘just about to jump over the wall to beat you up’ stance hahahaha) The older looking kid must’ve saw how pissed off I was and forced the younger one to apologise to me and made him see that what he said was wrong and not needed. Hopefully he now learns from that.
My hair maybe tied up but I ain’t no bitch I will hit a kid (hahaha) but I know when it’s not right to. Just pissed that he said it and saddened that it still happens in such a diverse day and age.
But now that that’s over.. It’s all happy days.. Why? Because I just got my trainers 😀
oooohh happy days oooohh happy dayssss


One Response to “Ya gotta love the sterotypes..”

  1. rynamo said

    Hahahaha! Wicked blog bro! Berry hexsighting indeed!! Lol… Das jokes. Wud’ve dun exactly da same fing as u! LOL… Man, u got me cracking up around da pamilee at da dinner table lol. I can’t eat my brekkie anymor haha. Jowkes! Now… Move onto da margate blog LOOOL.

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