Dreams of a mad man..

April 10, 2009

Good morning
I just woke up, not from my own accord but because the neighbours are drilling into what seems like the paper thin walls. This isn’t going to be my main post, but I thought I’d have a quick one haha.
My good sleep also had a good dream which I can remember vividly, however as time passes since you wake up you’ll find it increasingly difficult to recall it, therefore allow me to give you a little recap of my dream.
My dream came in two memorable segments. Firstly Charl, for some reason had made it to the finals of “Dancing on Ice”, a show in the UK in which celebrities take to the ice, and, well, dance haha. Yeah well Charl made it all the way to the finals and I was watching it on the TV from the comforts of, well I’m not too sure where I was actually, and why wasn’t I there in the studio to watch her live? Hmmm interesting. Anyways she was attached to a wire because she was basically flying while doing her routine to impress the judges. However during her routine she kept stumbling and her landing of a back flip was nearly so close to her landing on her face, I can remember being soooo worried in my dream haha like proper. Yeah well I start flicking through TV channels because I wasn’t bothered to watch anyone else and I later hear that Charl finished 9th hahaha awww well done beb even though it was made up all in my unconscious mind. Well me flicking through I stumble on another final.. Britain’s got Talent. To which I see my close friends whom I used to dance with coming in 3rd place. Congratulations Phat Pak lolll. Then a complete switch from all the finals; I ended up being in a computer game.. Unreal Tournament. Basically I had to kill all these ‘baddies’ in some big building with an array of weaponry.. However I got really lazy to collect any guns so I used a cheat and got all the weapons with full ammo (by typing in ‘Loaded’ into the dialogue box hahaha).. From there it’s a bit of a blank, I think I won but it’s because I started to notice the increasingly loud buzzing noise from the drill so I woke up. Sigh.
Sorry about the random dream, I’ve been having really random one’s for a few days now. Here’s an extremely quick breakdown of one I had earlier hehe..
Ok something like I was in prison, which was like a school and it had those shutters which cordon off areas in case of a fire, even though I set it off, I was parolled out and just craziness was just happening on the outside like rioting etc. but they were proper hooligans, maybe even zombies.. And Samuel L. Jackson played the character of Jesus or like a godly figure like in Bruce Almighty.. Because my dream was like a film too. And he took me and some other people in and looked after us.. It even included the exact fight scene Bruce almighty had with the gangsters in the alleyway, but this time it was me and Samuel L. Jackson, and instead of it being a monkey that goes up the gangsters ass, it was a ridiculously large rat..
Yeah that’s about all I can remember. But that and my other dream are seriously weird, so there’s no need to tell me again hahaha.. Hope you enjoyed this uber-embarressing post 🙂


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