Episode one.. The Phantom Asylum Seeker

May 5, 2009

Good day everyone,
Allow me to apologise for the extremely late post, however it’s not because I haven’t been bothered to post anything, it’s because I’ve been so preoccupied with my Final Major Project at Uni, and yes by the sound of it, its MAJOR!! haha. The brief is open for us to do as we wish but there’s only one catch, it has to have a ‘graphic outcome’.. so in a way you’re kinda restricted because you can’t just do anything therefore quite a bit of thought and planning has to be done before you can even commence creating anything. What am I doing I hear you ask? Well I’m mixing photography and dance and fingers crossed be producing a bound book.
I digress; there’s been so many notable events that has occurred since I last posted. And as tedious as it sounds, I would actually like to write about each one, only because it gives me something interesting to talk about and I really wouldn’t want to waste your time reading about absolute shite. Maybe I could write them in a series of posts just so that I can give my full attention to each one and try and give as much attention to each detail as I possibly can. Sounds good so allow me to crack on with one right now..
Working the late shift at IKEA on a weekday after Uni two weeks or so ago, I happened to be on the Swedish food market, specialising in Swedish delicacies with tills complete with scanner and everything etc. So there I am working away when a lady quickly picks up a packet of sweets and runs up to the till to pay. Excuse me if the following things I write come off sounding racist, I can assure you I’m not, and I will be very quick to apologise if this offends anyone; but the lady, probably from Kosovo or another Eastern European country looked dodgy. I try not to discriminate, especially because I would hate for it to happen either to myself or to someone I know. But I felt uneasy around her you could say; she had a mouth full of gold teeth, spoke poor english with a heavy accent and I generally did not trust her, for as bad as it sounds, I have a hard time trusting those asylum seekers. Before you accuse me of being in the BNP, something that is ridiculous to speculate for I’m not even white, allow me to explain myself and clarify my opinions. Firstly, “those asylum seekers” is poorly worded and I can see that for myself, I haven’t got a problem with asylum seekers for they are just people looking for a better place from which they came; and the word “those” should probably be followed up with the words “types of”.. This is because I hate those asylum seekers who instead of seeking asylum in a new country and making the most out of the opportunities by finding a job or something along those lines, they abuse it by being on some form of government benefit and then proceeding to beg us for money using their babies as a pity tool. I’m not advocating racism, but I just feel that they are abusing the system which has a knock-on affect by portraying good-willed foreigners and immigrants whom actually work hard for their money in a bad light making it easier for the BNP and other racist organisations to promote feelings of anti-immigration etc. Ok with that rant over let me get back to the story.. The sweets she wished to purchase cost a mere 70p to which she hurriedly stuffed a £20 note in my hand. I like to work properly and how I was taught, no matter if that slows me down a bit, so therefore I type in £20 into the system. As my till opens and I’m getting out her £19.30 change she proceeds to pull out a £1 coin saying that she’s found change (Grrr I hate customers who do that by the way). I take her pound, give back the original twenty, then look down to get the 30p change. She then says to me “you gave me this..” holding up a £5 note. Confused? You should be, because I didn’t actually give her a five, I gave her a twenty, therefore she was trying to scam me out of money, a reason why I don’t trust people like her. She was aiming for me to get confused and swap her five for a twenty, earning her a nice £15 profit. I’m not stupid and I was quick to see through her scam, and I was actually very angry that she could try pull that shitty trick on me, so I explained to her in my most assertive tone that I could muster, trying not to lose it, that I gave her a twenty and not a five. She then tries it again saying that I’m in the wrong and that I’ve short changed her.. At this point I start losing my patience and that I’m willing to call security if she won’t stop with her accusations. Clearly shitting it at the thought of dealing with the security team, she leaves it and I give her the correct change and she walks off. I would love to say that this is the end of the story but lucky for you guys it’s not.. For I see her walk down and onto the Bistro, a smaller restaurant of IKEA. I see her look at the menu and proceed to queue up. Failing to trick me into give her extra money, I knew that she’d try it again, so I run over to the bistro and tell my supervisor what just happened and that he should be careful just in case she tried it on them. Now at this point our backs are turned to the lady and the rest of the queue, but we turn around slowly for my supervisor wants to see whom I’m actually talking about, and guess what.. She must’ve sussed that I was telling them what just happened and got scared and legged it; and not just out of the queue but out of IKEA haha.
I know my previous post “ya gotta love the stereotypes” is a rant about my anger towards stereotypes and therefore the discrimination along with it, so me having this post seems like I’m a hypocrite, but my opinions were justified when she tried hustling me. However I do know that she is probably a small handful of people who do that so I really shouldn’t judge everyone. So yeah.. Cool life lesson.
I hope that was entertaining to read and everyone doesn’t think of me as a racist hypocrite haha. I’ll try and write up my next post as soon as I possibly can, or ASAIPC.. It’ll be about a little interesting journey I took on a bus with Charl haha.
Good night all..

Oh p.s, a little shout out to my new reader, “jokes_123456789” from the states, thanks for reading. And my regular readers, ya’ll know them, so visit their blogs found in my blogroll.


4 Responses to “Episode one.. The Phantom Asylum Seeker”

  1. charldawn said

    talk about hiatus! wicked post tho beb =) u justified your “description” of those people well. ❤

  2. Default said

    Racist! LOL! Nah just kidding ya!
    Nice post. Keep ’em coming!
    Regards from the US

  3. Default said

    Racist! LOL! Nah just kidding ya!
    Nice post. Keep ’em coming!
    BTW, thanks for the ‘shout-out’.
    Regards from the US…

  4. Hi, nice post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for sharing. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your posts. Keep up the good posts

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