Hello readers,

By seeing my archives, I can see that I have posted something up every month, apart from February that is, and I wouldn’t like to mess up that run. A lot of things have held me back from posting, even if I can do so from the comforts of my Blackberry. Things like my Final Major Project for Uni.. erm.. well thats really it, however it did take the majority of my time, both working and even my spare. But now its over, fingers X’d I can actually start writing something, and maybe even talk about the results of my FMP. This was just a little quick post just to show people I’m still alive and haven’t succumbed to the affects of the Swine Flu. I’ll try and write something later on in the day, Hopefully I don’t melt due to the heat from the tropical weather London is going through. 

See you guys later..