Getting up to speed..

October 24, 2009

Good morning ladies and gentlemen..

I finally have some spare time in my life to pick up my blackberry and write up a post, however, it’s really stupid doing so because knowing me, I’ll spend hours writing something up which was only meant to be a quick two minute post. Its 2.42am and I’m officially waking up in less than an hour, for I have the duty of taking my parents to the airport. They’re off to the Philippines for a month.. Leaving me alone in the house, god how will I survive?!
Its been over a week since I last posted something, why is it you ask? Because I also flew out to the Philippines, hand in hand with my crew to work hard and make the biggest impact we could.. Did it work? HELL YEAH.. Do I have time to talk about it? HELL NAWWW!!.. So maybe in a future post I will elaborate on our trip.
Not only am I taking my parents to the airport, but straight after I have to run to an audition for a Michael Jackson show.. Then after that, I have a bloody six hour closing shift at ikea.. Which I think also needs a mention in a future post due to all the drama everyone’s going through over there. Therefore today will be a very long day.. Pray for me y’all..
Additionally I think charlsy deserves an honourable mention in this post.. She’s been my backbone, my source of strength and my everything. Recently I been struggling to stay strong and positive, and times have been so bad I considered giving up; but she’s always been there giving me strength, giving me the power to carry on, always reassuring me everything will be fine.. And yano what.. She’s always right. Whether we’re face to face or thousands of miles apart, she can always make me feel better about everything.
I think I’ll leave it there for now 🙂

Good night/morning all


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