October 26, 2009

Hello all,

Just in bed at the moment, kinda in the same predicament I was a few days ago with me writing up a post when I should really be getting my rest. But at least I haven’t got a full schedual later, just gym and hopefully some quality time with the mrs. Just to let you guys know, I nearly died on saturday. I was only able to get just 30 minutes of rest (because I couldn’t fall asleep) before I had to get ready and take my parents to the airport. That successfully completed (along with the goodbye’s and tight hugs) I had to run and pick up Ryan and drive down to the other side of London for an audition for the “be like Michael Jackson” on the BBC. Five hours of waiting and rehearsing we finally get to perform in front of a live audience and get the good news that we’re invited back next week for the call backs. Straight after I have to zoom down to the other other side of London for a six hour shift at work. And let me just tell you now, I BARELY made it through it. I was struggling to keep my eyes open and stay standing up, so you can kinda guess how I was when it came to serving customers. Therefore allow me to sum it up, I drove to far west London for the airport, back to east to pick up Ryan, drove back to west again for an audition, then to north for a six hour shift at work, then back home in east. Nearly 24 hours of keeping busy, with only 30 minutes of “sleep”. That’s the life of a dancer!!
With that recap over lemme just let you guys know I’m surviving without my parents. I know its just been over a day, but in this short time I feel as if I have grown up. I did my first ever laundry load, and hung it up too, I made the arrangements to go food shopping and buy some engine oil for my car, and I successfully woke up and made it in to work on time, along with standing up to my “manager” and telling him how I felt about everything (I’ll try and write about that later) Therefore I think I’ll be ok surviving on my own for a month haha.
I also wanna say “get well soon” to the mrs. Just today she got a bad cough and was struggling to sleep, oh man if only I could come over to her house, make a tea (for myself :p) and look after her. One day. But for now, get well soon beb :).

Lemme try get some rest now. I’ll try and post soon


One Response to “Surviving..”

  1. Charlsyy said

    Yayyy your really blogging again =)

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