A good day..

October 8, 2009

Just sat in the car listening to Maxwell’s “pretty wings”.. Can’t stop thinking of how perfect she is.. Today is a good day 🙂


Protected: Dying..

October 7, 2009

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Just a quick post..

October 5, 2009

This is just a quick post to prove something.. I guess I win.. So can I have my flower now 🙂

Look I even added a picture with the loser.. 🙂

LON time no blog..

March 18, 2009

Hello readers..

An extremely long time since I’ve last blogged and even been on wordpress for that matter, but only to have my daily intake of Charldawn.. even if it doesn’t portray me the best light haha.

Anyways, where do I start?! So much has happened since I lasted blogged; quickly recapping on my last post, I saw that I’m talking about my nervousness of performing at the We R One event at the O2. Well allow me to enlighten you that the show went better than we expected.. Our set emphasized the message that we are all students of Hip Hop and we should be united because of it, not competing against each other. And this message was felt by the majority of the 2500 strong audience.. a real nice feeling that we’re one step closer in unifying the dancers in the UK. Woop. I’ll leave some pictures and even a video of the performance of the night, although I personally was too excited to be taking pics and vids myself haha. A quick, yet big thanks to friends and family that came down and showed love that night 🙂

After that crazy performance, the Animaineax’s were scheduled to judge (yes judge!!) the “United Dance Organization” competition in Brean, basically the OTHER SIDE of the UK!! God it was a long drive, however a big pat on the back for Ryan, Aj and Albert whom drove for nearly half a day in ridiculous weather conditions, complete with the near miss accidents and actually getting stuck in the snow and having to try and push the car UPHILL!! LOLLLL.. And before you wonder about myself and the other half of the Animaineax’s, we drove down later on in the evening, and even though there was no traffic and the snow wasn’t too bad.. it took three hours, and I was dead by the end of it haha. We spent the whole weekend there judging the competing dancers, partying, getting to know everyone and just generally living it up as we Animaineax’s do!! I had such a good time there, seeing all the dancers in one big camp was something I’ve never seen before, and it made more motivated to push myself to work harder and it also made me feel really humble and thankful for what I had and what I had accomplished.

Since then we did another guest appearance and performed at another show.. yet again spreading our message of PEACE, LOVE, FUN & UNITY!!

Ok, my life has generally been on the up since I last posted, my Uni projects are getting completed so some smooth sailing when it comes to that. Spending time with Charl is always a laugh so no real change there haha. Recently we’ve been spending more time chatting to Ryan, having our somewhat daily visits to our favourite Chinese restaurant to stuff our face with balls.. Yes BALLS!! and to add to our outings, we have even organized a nice trip to Braintree, a shopping outlet for some much needed retail therapy. I promise I’ll let you readers know how it goes.

Oh before I forget, a big shout out goes to Ryan.. told you you’d get a shout out haha.. he’s also new face to wordpress so give him a nice warm welcome hehe.. However, he isn’t a noob to the net.. check out his and his closest’s website.. KAVEMAN CLOTHING .. some nice designs right there, so make sure you have a look.

Ahh it’s really nice being back.. it took me a bit more longer to post this up because I just recently finished my preparation for my portfolio assessment.. something I didn’t expect to survive Uni long enough to see.. but hey.. I made it!! Just seeing how much work I had done made me really thankful to Charl who helped, well I say helped, she actually pushed my sorry ass to do.. without her I would’ve dropped out within the first few weeks of Uni. So thanks Miss Gossip Lady. I’m really pleased with everything, and I have worked that much harder so I can actually say I’m proud of my work. Hopefully the tutors see it in the same way haha.. Been feeling really positive nowadays, and it’s really paid off. These positive vibes has attracted a workshop for my and the other Animaineax’s arses. And excited we are!! However the pressure flip is switched to “on” for I need to make up a routine.. However, I’m using this experience to learn more about the musicality of the music.. so I’m aiming for a real chilled choreography. But I also know the guys (and girl) are behind me 100000% so I know I got their help when I need it.

Oh ok.. so recapping, since I was last here.. I have..

  1. become more positive
  2. judged competitions
  3. performed
  4. shared some fun times Ry & Charl
  5. filled my mouth with balls
  6. basically completed Uni
  7. wear glasses (again)
  8. gone on some crazy roadtrips

So yeah.. I think that’s about it.. hopefully I haven’t missed anything to monumental that has occurred in my life, and if I have.. I’ll be sure to update.

As I said I would.. here’s some Pic’s

Thanks for reading guys.. Miaowww LOLLL

New post, same rant..

January 22, 2009

Evening all,

As the Funk Physics first birthday draws closer, I get increasingly nervous and start doubting my ability to dance.. It’s just nerves I know, but OHHH MAAA GASSSSS.

Just thought I’d quickly make a post because I have the feeling I’ll be a bit busy tomorrow night, and especially on Friday, even the weekend shall be work based, trying to catch up on all the Uni work I’ve fell behind in. Oh well, no rest for the wicked haha.

Hmm what to write a post about? .. Well firstly I find it getting harder and harder to come up with witty and attention grabbing titles of posts, I don’t know if this happens to anyone, and if people even think about it. But damn, it’s a battle I face.. daily haha. I love posting and updating my blogs, but when it comes to thinking of a title to call it I get really stuck, oh well maybe it’s just a phase.

I’ve been meaning to write a post about an incident that happened to me as I was leaving work, but due to my over busy schedule, I’ve always had to put it off for “another day”.. well I’ve got time to write, so I may as well do it now.. Leaving Ikea late at night as I always do (I’ve got the late shifts.. the bastards) I run into two fellow co-workers, but from a different department.. these are your typical ghetto guys whom you can tell have done some dirty dealings at least once in their lives, if not still are; anyways, they say hello and ask if I was interested purchasing a t-shirt they were selling.. A big picture of now President Obama with the slogan: “Yes we can”. I love the guy, don’t get me wrong, but I have no intention of wearing his face. Well back to the story, it was Monday, with Obama’s inauguration the next day.. So therefore I asked them:

“Oh [you’re selling the t-shirt] for [Obama’s inauguration] tomorrow?”

..A good 2 minutes of shouted phrases like “are you dumbbbb?!”, “are you dizzy bluddd?!” etc followed..

Then one of them says:

“This isn’t a premiership football team, this is real life!!”


Ok it’s not that funny, but I’m really shit at telling stories.. Sometimes haha.

Moving on, I also checked my dashboard and saw that I had on click from the Website: “alphainventions“, so me being a extremely curious about where people are finding my blog, I decided to click it. I know very little of it, but I really think it’s a very good and smart site, it “previews” a selection of updated blogs, which is a very good idea if you just want something to read. But God knows how I ended up on the site haha, although I do not regret it because I’ve already got some good view results from it. I started with one click, I went back to it in a few minutes and it said I had ten clicks from the site, then eleven, fifteen, seventeen and then twenty two. I welcome views and everyone to read my blog because I want to share thoughts and the daily occurrences of my oh so interesting life.. cough cough. It’s actually a really good site to connect fellow bloggers and readers alike.

Well anyways I think I’ll leave it there, I’m feeling a bit thirsty and my muscles are aching due to days of rehearsals. So I think I’ll rest. Hope you liked my daily rant..

Ohhh actually, allow me to post some of my pictures from the day out with Charl.. We had to go out and purchase some Uni materials and a new hat for my performance..

Here’s a little something I’m researching into making for my Project in Uni.. It’s just a prototype, it’s a Lightning box 😀

Oh and here’s the breakfast we had earlier that morning.. YUMMY!!

Damn I’m salivating.

Well Ok I’ll actually leave it there.. That’s the only problem with blogging. I’m an addict and I don’t know when to stop. Haha, I have a problem 🙂

Night Night

“He, who laughs last, laughs best. He who laughs at Chuck Norris … dies.”

Guilt trip, shumilt trip

January 21, 2009

Don’t feel guilty, and don’t make your post so that comments aren’t allowed so that I can’t tell you not to worry, see now I have to post it for me to tell you..

I will have a proper post next time, however I’m really tired and I need my rest badly.

Goodnight everyone..

“Chuck Norris can jump-start a car using jumper cables attached to his nipples.”

The return of the loser..

January 19, 2009

Long time guys,

Hello, feels like ages since I lasted blogged, hmm Ok maybe not that long, but you get the idea. I’m as shocked as you are about “my” previous post, but it’s really nice finding surprises like that, don’t you think? Just want to say thanks to Charl for doing it, however, she did get a few details wrong, my wallets not fake, it’s just, erm, a really good replica. Haha.

I’m back!! I had yet another good training weekend at MK and we actually finished our set.. THERE IS AN END IN SIGHT.. and it couldn’t have been more welcomed. All we need to do is constantly run through it and clean up all our routines. But if we’ve worked hard enough to finish it, then cleaning it up won’t be too hard. Ok I’ll stop talking about dance right now, let me just talk about my trip and everything I got up to.

The day started at Uni, got very tiresome so me and Charl started taking some pictures recreating some movie posters:

Haha, hope you liked them, there’s quite a few more, but I just want to put up a few for now.

We arrived at MK friday night, and trained till the very early hours of saturday, we finished about 3 in the morning, but because we were so awake from training, we wasn’t able to sleep until about 4, which totally sucked because I needed to travel to London for work if you remembered. And not knowing how long it’ll take me to get to work, I was advised to get a 9am train, meaning I had to wake up at 7 to get ready.. Therefore, only about three hours sleep. Something that’s a bit crazy because I had a two hour trip to get to work, a six hour shift, another two hour journey to get back to MK, then another five hour training session.. Wow try number-crunching that!!

My journey to and from MK went surprisingly well, and I occasionally enjoyed the view that was out of the window, but I did use that time to rest my body, something that was extremely needed. However I was so shattered on the way back that I fell asleep and suddenly woke up, shocked that there was no one in my train carriage, panicked and jumped off the train, only to quickly jump back on because I found out I was at the wrong station. Owned. Getting back to MK and catching up with all the guys, they told me about their day out while I was feeding hotdogs to people, I saw all their pictures that they took and they made me regret going to work, oh well, I’m a bit more richer hehe. Here’s a few examples of their day out..





Group pic

Haha look how much fun they had. Oh and trust me, there were so much more pic’s, many nice one’s I may add.

On my last day in MK, we went to Milton Keynes Ikea. Woah. It was a very foreign experience because for about a year, I’ve been going to the same Ikea, and seeing familiar faces. But going MK Ikea had a very weird feeling to it, the layout was different and it was very odd to see unfamiliar faces I would usually know. Here’s a few pictures I took, even though I didn’t take many anyways..




And on the way back to the house, Guess what.. We passed that big-ass Asda, I didn’t want to miss my chance to I tried to take a few pictures of it just to prove how big it actually is..


Huge entrance

Wal mart

Sorry I haven’t got proper full scale pictures, we were driving to close to it for me to get a whole picture, but you can get the idea, big isn’t it?

Erm that’s about it, I also need to sleep because I’m meeting up with Charl to go shopping woohoo haha, damn I’m broke. It’s really nice to be back, especially that I can spend some time with Charl. She’s been feeling really down recently, so visit her blog and tell her to get happy again Ok?

Ok good night guys..

“Chuck Norris doesn’t have blood. He is filled with magma.”