Hello readers,

By seeing my archives, I can see that I have posted something up every month, apart from February that is, and I wouldn’t like to mess up that run. A lot of things have held me back from posting, even if I can do so from the comforts of my Blackberry. Things like my Final Major Project for Uni.. erm.. well thats really it, however it did take the majority of my time, both working and even my spare. But now its over, fingers X’d I can actually start writing something, and maybe even talk about the results of my FMP. This was just a little quick post just to show people I’m still alive and haven’t succumbed to the affects of the Swine Flu. I’ll try and write something later on in the day, Hopefully I don’t melt due to the heat from the tropical weather London is going through. 

See you guys later..



Hello boys and girls,

Wow, had a really good response with my last post, so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling and using the momentum write the follow up. Before I jump straight into the story, I think I’ll write about a few things that’s running through my mind.. Ok here goes.. I’m really enjoying my time blogging. People ask me why I do it, and because I haven’t got a proper answer, so I say something like “I use it as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings”, ok not in those words, and not as gay-sounding as that, but honestly blogging is addictive, and you would never know how it actually is until you try it yourself. People could question blogging, saying “why don’t you write in a diary?”, but a blog and a diary (I feel) are different. In a blog you can be witty and funny, as I try to be (emphasis on ‘try’ haha) and that way you can entertain the audience whom read your thoughts and daily occurrences in your life; while in a diary the only person your entertaining is yourself. It’s like telling yourself a joke, and laughing.. How sad!! In a blog, it’s cool that someone can stumble upon it and find it interesting enough to read over and over again, and become a regular visitor, while the diary is locked away from prying eyes. Also you can boast about your blog, you can invite people to read it whenever they wish. While asking someone to read your diary is just plain weird.. I can just imagine it now.. “Care to read my diary? It’s darn good interesting”. That’s why I don’t keep a diary, although I’m not saying it’s bad, I just feel that diarys aren’t for me. This moves me onto my second random thought, I’m really proud of myself keeping my blog alive. My blog can be compared to a plant, I have to take care of it if I want to keep it alive, therefore I’ve been watering it and feeding it all the necessary nutrients it needs, while sneaking in a few steroids on the way haha. I learnt from my mistakes with last blog, “Anticipointment” (which meant highly anticipating something, which then turns out to be a big disappointment) I had some cool posts, which I do want to repost here; however I lost my passion for it, I think it was because I was too concerned that the only visitor I was getting was Charldawn.. Boo hooo!! But I’m over that, and whether I’ve got millions of views or none, I’m still gonna be posting hehe. Additionally, I was looking over my blog and I saw the amount of writing I have for each post. I enjoy writing large amounts and going into fine detail, however I do feel sorry for you guys who read it. Maybe it’s interesting enough that you can just about stay awake, or maybe you can barely get through reading “hello boys and girls..” before your tying rope around your necks, holding a match to your petrol soaked body and drinking down hundreds of pills. I’ll never know haha. I think I’ll leave it there with my random thoughts, I’ve still got to write about the bus journey, so here goes..

Well Charl and I have been feeling very motivated to find inspirational books and other things that would inspire us and push us to be more creative, and therefore raise our levels of thinking, something that would be perfect for our FMP and courses we’re doing next year.. Ooo Top Secret!! Anyways, where best to go for inspirational books than Magma, a bookshop that only sells arty-farty books predominantly aimed at graphic artists, photographers and illustrators.. Perfect!! Because its only “round the corner” from our Uni we decide to take a bus rather than go on a hot, sweaty and Swine Flu infested train.. Although I do know a bus is just as bad hehe. So we catch a bendy bus and head towards Covent Garden, and get the first two available seats right at the front because we’re so exhausted from lugging around our Uni books. However, where we chose to sit turned out to be a little more interesting than we would’ve thought. A gentleman was already sat in the set of four seats alone, I thought it was a bit weird because the bus was packed and no one wanted to sit there, but I’m bloody tired so what the hell. It turns out no one sat there for a reason. Me and Charl witnessed this guy start talking to himself and shouting out the window at complete strangers. He said and did a lot of fucked up things, including banging on the window and saying these two random guys looked like twins.. I didn’t know what shocked me more, his actions, or me believing it, until I looked out the window and saw a black man standing next to a white man haha. From there I kinda had an inclination that this guy in front of Charl (lolll) was a little crazy, and we was riding the “special bus” with the more “eccentric” people, if I may hahaha. So therefore throughout the bus ride, Charl and I was trying to avoid eye contact and was just trying to make up any conversation just so that he wouldn’t direct any of his “crazy talk” to us. Until he taps my bag.. Shudderrrr!! He taps my blue nike bag and says:

“Yano what this reminds me of..”

Here I expect him to saying something about the design or even the colour.. Does he? NOOO!! He then starts talking about the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and being in the military and choir!! He doesn’t even mention my bag hahaha. Can’t really remember what he said exactly on that occassion but I do remember some of the things we were “talking” about..

He asks me if a plant in front of the Chinese restaurant was out of place? His explanation: “The Arch Bishop of Canterbury lives there and its really bad because his image will be tarnished, what will people think of him?!” *crazy laugh*. At this point I don’t wanna piss him off by not laughing because just before that he started hitting himself and slapping his bald head, so therefore I wouldn’t wanna get on his bad side lol. So I nervously laugh while he carries on talking.

“I once stole the general’s baton, and threw it over there *points at fence* people were chasing it and started kicking, stamping and spitting on it”..

“We was in choir and singing the anthem when the Arch Bishop walks in, then the roof starts dripping, and everyone runs off and starts panicking, and there I am catching it and drinking it *re-inacts cupping his hands and slurping the “water”* it was crazy, I’m surprised no one drowned”

Passing the demonstration opposite the houses of Parliment.. “Oh that’s Neville, my brother, I duno how he got in there, maybe snuck through the back.. He’s just chatting rubbish.. SHUT UP NEVILLE!! .. I don’t support that demonstration, they’re campaigning to get free LSD on the NHS” .. Just to let you know that demonstration was for a worth while cause, for Sri Lanka I think hehe.

Sorry for the rambling, it’s quite hard writing the story because the actions that went with it was just as crazy as what he said. So sorry if he doesn’t sound as crazy as you’d thought, but please believe me, he was haha.

Anyways Imma leave it there, this post took longer than expected to write, and I think it shows haha. For my next post I think I’ll talk about a wager I’m currently in..

Love ya’ll

Dreams of a mad man..

April 10, 2009

Good morning
I just woke up, not from my own accord but because the neighbours are drilling into what seems like the paper thin walls. This isn’t going to be my main post, but I thought I’d have a quick one haha.
My good sleep also had a good dream which I can remember vividly, however as time passes since you wake up you’ll find it increasingly difficult to recall it, therefore allow me to give you a little recap of my dream.
My dream came in two memorable segments. Firstly Charl, for some reason had made it to the finals of “Dancing on Ice”, a show in the UK in which celebrities take to the ice, and, well, dance haha. Yeah well Charl made it all the way to the finals and I was watching it on the TV from the comforts of, well I’m not too sure where I was actually, and why wasn’t I there in the studio to watch her live? Hmmm interesting. Anyways she was attached to a wire because she was basically flying while doing her routine to impress the judges. However during her routine she kept stumbling and her landing of a back flip was nearly so close to her landing on her face, I can remember being soooo worried in my dream haha like proper. Yeah well I start flicking through TV channels because I wasn’t bothered to watch anyone else and I later hear that Charl finished 9th hahaha awww well done beb even though it was made up all in my unconscious mind. Well me flicking through I stumble on another final.. Britain’s got Talent. To which I see my close friends whom I used to dance with coming in 3rd place. Congratulations Phat Pak lolll. Then a complete switch from all the finals; I ended up being in a computer game.. Unreal Tournament. Basically I had to kill all these ‘baddies’ in some big building with an array of weaponry.. However I got really lazy to collect any guns so I used a cheat and got all the weapons with full ammo (by typing in ‘Loaded’ into the dialogue box hahaha).. From there it’s a bit of a blank, I think I won but it’s because I started to notice the increasingly loud buzzing noise from the drill so I woke up. Sigh.
Sorry about the random dream, I’ve been having really random one’s for a few days now. Here’s an extremely quick breakdown of one I had earlier hehe..
Ok something like I was in prison, which was like a school and it had those shutters which cordon off areas in case of a fire, even though I set it off, I was parolled out and just craziness was just happening on the outside like rioting etc. but they were proper hooligans, maybe even zombies.. And Samuel L. Jackson played the character of Jesus or like a godly figure like in Bruce Almighty.. Because my dream was like a film too. And he took me and some other people in and looked after us.. It even included the exact fight scene Bruce almighty had with the gangsters in the alleyway, but this time it was me and Samuel L. Jackson, and instead of it being a monkey that goes up the gangsters ass, it was a ridiculously large rat..
Yeah that’s about all I can remember. But that and my other dream are seriously weird, so there’s no need to tell me again hahaha.. Hope you enjoyed this uber-embarressing post 🙂

Ahoy there mateys..
Just thought I’d blog from my Blackberry to emphasize how easy it is to write “on-the-go” and to keep my promise to myself and others that I would blog more often.
Well I’m just on my way to central London to meet.. Yeah you guessed it, the two I talk about the most, Charl and Ry. I need to come up with a cool merged name for both of them because I mention them so much and it’s easy for Ryan to say “Charlon”.. Hmm, lemme see.. “Chary”?.. “Rycharl”?.. “Rylotte”?.. “Charlan”? hahahaha.. This is hard man, I think I’ll brainstorm more on names later. Back to the story; but there’s also a new edition to our outing today.. Em, Charls sister, she’s a cool lady, but a n00b at times hehe. Anywaysss, this leads me on to what I was intending to post..
I’ve been growing my hair for more than a year now, I don’t regret doing it and if anything I think growing my hair was a good thing. I love the feeling of combing really small knots out and just messing around with it, taking pictures and emailing it to people.. However I have just come to realize that those pictures are the ones that if surfaced on the net, it could ruin whatever career I have haha.. It’s on par with Vanessa Hudgen’s nude photos, or on video terms, as bad as any celebrity sex tape.. Katie Price’s perhaps, although I’ve never laid eyes on it :p. Ok well what I’m trying to get at is that I love my hair, so I make sure it’s in tip-top condition; therefore I shampoo, condition thoroughly and DON’T blow dry, I just leave it to air dry naturally so that it doesn’t dry out my hair and I become like those sad girls in the Panten Pro V adverts, yano the ones that have dry damaged hair until they use it haha. Ok moving on (sorry for the spontaneous and random outbursts, I have a lot of thoughts bunged up in my head from all those years of non-blogging haha) well recently I’ve seen a lot of my hair coming out when I’m lathering it up. I know it’s natural and it’s suppose to happen because it’s dead hair but it’s quite unnerving when I have to collect it up and throw it in the bin because if it falls in the drain I’m actually frightened that it’s capable of blocking the pipes haha.. Ok maybe that’s exaggerating a bit, ok and also the “a bit” of that statement is exaggerating, but it’s makes for a better read, wouldn’t you agree? Hehe.
Yeah I know it’s a bit of a random post, and it makes me look like a bit of a woman because how I take care of my hair.. But bahh.. I still had fun writing it and it took less than three hours to conjour up haha.. Ta daaaa!!

A three hour post..

April 7, 2009

Hello all,

Uh ohhh I’m falling into bad habits yet again, no I’m not on crack cocaine, I just haven’t blogged in what seems like years. So allow me to say a big sorry for those who have visited my blog religiously just to see if I’ve got off my ass and posted something new and interesting. And by looking at my views yesterday I saw that I only had two, which can only mean one thing.. my two favorite bloggers visited Charldawn and Rynamo.. So this one is for you guys!! Woop Woop.

Ok the reason why I always put myself off from blogging is because I always want to have something interesting to talk about.. it’s not that I don’t do anything interesting nor anything interesting happens to me.. but the blog writing process is extremely long with me taking hours just for one post, with me reading, re-reading and re-re-reading what I’ve written just to see if it makes sense, and overall if it’s as funny as it originally sounded in my head when you read it here.. and the verdict? Well yeah I guess so hehe. So now you know why I don’t blog too often, and hopefully that counts as my excuse hehe.

However after recent events, it is now easier for me to blog, and “on-the-go” for that matter. Because as of the 1st of April, I am the proud new owner of a Blackberry, possibly one of the greatest inventions to ever grace God green earth. I love my Blackberry, not just because chatting to Charl and Ry is made simple because of Blackberry Messaging, but because so many things are now much more easier.. I can quickly take a picture of something, email it to someone and quickly get their opinion on it.. in a matter of minutes. Is that cool or is that cool?! So now I can try post something up while on the move, or at least make notes on the interesting things I should write about. Fingers crossed.

Ohhh yeah, the Animaineax’s workshop.. Lemme tell you it went better than we expected. I finished my routine on time and teaching it to a full class of 30 was an experience I would never forget. I thoroughly enjoyed it and seeing some of my closest there was a dream come true, although my hands was shaking bad and my voice did have some autotune moments hahahaha. I’ll add a video at the end of the post to show you the routines ok 🙂

Just a few days ago was Ryan’s birthday so without a doubt I had to join in the celebrations at his house.. there we ate, drank, bussed too many jokes and played a game of the one and only.. Monopoly. Sadly I don’t own any of the pictures that was taken that night so I can’t post them up because of copyright infringements haha but if you go to Ryan’s blog you can read more about it.. especially how me and Charl won Monopoly hahahaha.. 

Ermm I think this was just a recap post, sooo many things to talk about but I just don’t know how to tie everything together. Maybe because I’m so knackered because I had work earlier and I’m actually still wearing my Ikea smelling uniform, or maybe because I’ve been writing this post for more than three hours and my brain feels like mush.. So therefore I think I’ll leave it there..

Damn I need some rest.. Good Morning Guys

So last night as I was preparing my sketchbooks and portfolio for my assessment, I realized I needed to stick in some of the hundreds of loose sheets I had collecting at the back of my books. I normally do things like this at Uni, usually in the library on my break if I’m not busy sleeping.. and doing something else, I’ll probably post something about it, but not right now ok? .. anyways, whenever I do this Charl’s normally sitting besides me so I use her glue, which extremely often is stolen from someone or somewhere else haha; so let’s just say I would always have a glue handy. However, working at home last night, I turned to my side and saw that Charly wasn’t there, and I had no form of glue to stick all the sheets down with.. hmm what to do?

I shout to my father in the kitchen and ask him if we have any “Pritt Stick” laying around the house.. he then goes to our shed in the back garden and later returns with this..



Boarder and overlay mother fucking adhesive?! .. That shit is from WICKES!!

Ok, props to the padre for helping me out in my time of need, but this is GHETTO!! .. However, as you know beggars can’t be choosers, and like the title of the post, desperate times calls for desperate measures.. and boy was I desperate.

So careful not to over “sploge” the papers with this crazy shit, I just added little dabs in the corners. I proper felt like neil Buchanan..


This is an art attack!
This is an art attack!
This is..
           ART ATTACK!!



That adhesive wrinkled the papers and just made everything look weird lol.

Oh well though, at least now sheets and book are one, and there’s no more “baggage” to accompany my sketchbooks haha..

mission accomplished.. thanks padre.. and neil “Art Attack” Buchanan!!

Guilt trip, shumilt trip

January 21, 2009

Don’t feel guilty, and don’t make your post so that comments aren’t allowed so that I can’t tell you not to worry, see now I have to post it for me to tell you..

I will have a proper post next time, however I’m really tired and I need my rest badly.

Goodnight everyone..

“Chuck Norris can jump-start a car using jumper cables attached to his nipples.”