Owned in 2009

January 8, 2009

Happy New Year all,

My apologies for not blogging, although I doubt anyone noticed, but I do have my reasons. My flu has come and gone, then came back and kicked my ass even harder. But I am recovering, I hope, i’m at the stage where I have no more flu symptoms like cold sweats, but I am extremely mucus and phlegm filled. I’m constantly hocking up phlegm and destroying kitchen roll tissues by blowing them up, literally. And now my mucus has evolved into a dark yellowy-orangey mass. Something very foreign and a bit scary to see.

I digress.

I sincerely hope you have had a wonderful new year and enjoyed the celebrations, and fingers crossed, you didn’t spend it sick with work early the next morning; for that is how I spent it. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked my new years, as I do every year, but this year I was dying with the flu, and I had work both new years eve and new years day. Talk about owned!!

I have also been trying to train hard for my upcoming performance with my dance group, the Animaineax’s. Quite funny how the spelling of the name changed so often that some of us didn’t even know how to spell it lol. So yeah, pressure’s building up to the point where if I think about it, I get really nervous, come on now, performance at the indigo2, in the O2 on the 23rd of January, and we haven’t learnt much. Owned, anyone? It’s always down to the line with us guys, it’s our third performance and each time we finished the set with hours to go. But I guess we’re just trying to keep it interesting haha. Additionally, the pictures from the photo shoot I did came through, lemme see if I’m smart enough to post them here.

Along with trying to train hard, I’ve also been trying work hard, uni work that is. But with all my other projects and my life actually, it’s been really hard to get going. After many arguments with Charl; she helped me realize something very important, no matter how much she or anyone else tries to get me to work, I can’t until I feel to do it myself. I don’t mean to do it and I’m not doing it to be difficult, but I’m just really weird like that. If I can see that there is no reward at the end of the tunnel and I personally feel not ready to start, I cannot, no matter how hard I try and force myself. But this has always been the way I worked, I can never just jump into a project just like that, so I’ve trained myself to bang out work at the last minute, and honestly in my opinion, I like working this way because it puts me on my feet and there’s a sense of excitement about it. Now regarding my winter uni project, I only started a few days ago and it’s due in on monday 12th January, yes, four days time. OWNED! Now let the brain busting begin!

But it hasn’t always been bad, I did have some very good shopping days out with Charl. We took advantage of the Christmas sales and because of it, January has been the first month ever that I could not afford my monthly car insurance fee haha.

Well I think I’ll leave it there. I hope this post was good enough to satisfy your needs.

Bood Gye 🙂

“Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.”


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