Episode two.. Attack of the Crazy

May 9, 2009

Hello boys and girls,

Wow, had a really good response with my last post, so I thought I’d keep the ball rolling and using the momentum write the follow up. Before I jump straight into the story, I think I’ll write about a few things that’s running through my mind.. Ok here goes.. I’m really enjoying my time blogging. People ask me why I do it, and because I haven’t got a proper answer, so I say something like “I use it as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings”, ok not in those words, and not as gay-sounding as that, but honestly blogging is addictive, and you would never know how it actually is until you try it yourself. People could question blogging, saying “why don’t you write in a diary?”, but a blog and a diary (I feel) are different. In a blog you can be witty and funny, as I try to be (emphasis on ‘try’ haha) and that way you can entertain the audience whom read your thoughts and daily occurrences in your life; while in a diary the only person your entertaining is yourself. It’s like telling yourself a joke, and laughing.. How sad!! In a blog, it’s cool that someone can stumble upon it and find it interesting enough to read over and over again, and become a regular visitor, while the diary is locked away from prying eyes. Also you can boast about your blog, you can invite people to read it whenever they wish. While asking someone to read your diary is just plain weird.. I can just imagine it now.. “Care to read my diary? It’s darn good interesting”. That’s why I don’t keep a diary, although I’m not saying it’s bad, I just feel that diarys aren’t for me. This moves me onto my second random thought, I’m really proud of myself keeping my blog alive. My blog can be compared to a plant, I have to take care of it if I want to keep it alive, therefore I’ve been watering it and feeding it all the necessary nutrients it needs, while sneaking in a few steroids on the way haha. I learnt from my mistakes with last blog, “Anticipointment” (which meant highly anticipating something, which then turns out to be a big disappointment) I had some cool posts, which I do want to repost here; however I lost my passion for it, I think it was because I was too concerned that the only visitor I was getting was Charldawn.. Boo hooo!! But I’m over that, and whether I’ve got millions of views or none, I’m still gonna be posting hehe. Additionally, I was looking over my blog and I saw the amount of writing I have for each post. I enjoy writing large amounts and going into fine detail, however I do feel sorry for you guys who read it. Maybe it’s interesting enough that you can just about stay awake, or maybe you can barely get through reading “hello boys and girls..” before your tying rope around your necks, holding a match to your petrol soaked body and drinking down hundreds of pills. I’ll never know haha. I think I’ll leave it there with my random thoughts, I’ve still got to write about the bus journey, so here goes..

Well Charl and I have been feeling very motivated to find inspirational books and other things that would inspire us and push us to be more creative, and therefore raise our levels of thinking, something that would be perfect for our FMP and courses we’re doing next year.. Ooo Top Secret!! Anyways, where best to go for inspirational books than Magma, a bookshop that only sells arty-farty books predominantly aimed at graphic artists, photographers and illustrators.. Perfect!! Because its only “round the corner” from our Uni we decide to take a bus rather than go on a hot, sweaty and Swine Flu infested train.. Although I do know a bus is just as bad hehe. So we catch a bendy bus and head towards Covent Garden, and get the first two available seats right at the front because we’re so exhausted from lugging around our Uni books. However, where we chose to sit turned out to be a little more interesting than we would’ve thought. A gentleman was already sat in the set of four seats alone, I thought it was a bit weird because the bus was packed and no one wanted to sit there, but I’m bloody tired so what the hell. It turns out no one sat there for a reason. Me and Charl witnessed this guy start talking to himself and shouting out the window at complete strangers. He said and did a lot of fucked up things, including banging on the window and saying these two random guys looked like twins.. I didn’t know what shocked me more, his actions, or me believing it, until I looked out the window and saw a black man standing next to a white man haha. From there I kinda had an inclination that this guy in front of Charl (lolll) was a little crazy, and we was riding the “special bus” with the more “eccentric” people, if I may hahaha. So therefore throughout the bus ride, Charl and I was trying to avoid eye contact and was just trying to make up any conversation just so that he wouldn’t direct any of his “crazy talk” to us. Until he taps my bag.. Shudderrrr!! He taps my blue nike bag and says:

“Yano what this reminds me of..”

Here I expect him to saying something about the design or even the colour.. Does he? NOOO!! He then starts talking about the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and being in the military and choir!! He doesn’t even mention my bag hahaha. Can’t really remember what he said exactly on that occassion but I do remember some of the things we were “talking” about..

He asks me if a plant in front of the Chinese restaurant was out of place? His explanation: “The Arch Bishop of Canterbury lives there and its really bad because his image will be tarnished, what will people think of him?!” *crazy laugh*. At this point I don’t wanna piss him off by not laughing because just before that he started hitting himself and slapping his bald head, so therefore I wouldn’t wanna get on his bad side lol. So I nervously laugh while he carries on talking.

“I once stole the general’s baton, and threw it over there *points at fence* people were chasing it and started kicking, stamping and spitting on it”..

“We was in choir and singing the anthem when the Arch Bishop walks in, then the roof starts dripping, and everyone runs off and starts panicking, and there I am catching it and drinking it *re-inacts cupping his hands and slurping the “water”* it was crazy, I’m surprised no one drowned”

Passing the demonstration opposite the houses of Parliment.. “Oh that’s Neville, my brother, I duno how he got in there, maybe snuck through the back.. He’s just chatting rubbish.. SHUT UP NEVILLE!! .. I don’t support that demonstration, they’re campaigning to get free LSD on the NHS” .. Just to let you know that demonstration was for a worth while cause, for Sri Lanka I think hehe.

Sorry for the rambling, it’s quite hard writing the story because the actions that went with it was just as crazy as what he said. So sorry if he doesn’t sound as crazy as you’d thought, but please believe me, he was haha.

Anyways Imma leave it there, this post took longer than expected to write, and I think it shows haha. For my next post I think I’ll talk about a wager I’m currently in..

Love ya’ll


2 Responses to “Episode two.. Attack of the Crazy”

  1. charldawn said

    nervously laugh? I heard a genuine, interested and very loud laugh from you

  2. Default said

    OOO, suspense! Wow, London sounds like an interesting place to live =P
    Nice blog dude! Can’t wait for the next one!
    Regards from the US…

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